At Expleo, we believe that complex challenges require bold and reliable solutions. In order to support our clients in an optimal way, we have developed the X Platform, a value stream delivery platform that brings all of our tools, assets and accelerators into one place.

Driving efficiencies in value delivery

A carefully selected culmination of thought leadership, IP, proprietary and partnership technologies and services, Expleo’s X Platform allows our clients to free up time and cost associated with the common challenges of project delivery.

Any time, any place

X Platform is cloud-hosted and therefore easily accessible to teams, regardless of where they are in the world. With many of our clients operating globally, this can rapidly decrease the time required to identify and deploy the right solution.

A partner ecosystem

The success of our X Platform is driven by collaboration. We work alongside both leading global technology vendors such as Microfocus, Amazon, and Microsoft and also young innovative companies such as Virtuoso, Emma3D and Tonic AI to drive value in our projects. With the X Platform, our clients benefit from access to a range of tooling solutions.

If you would like to find out more about the X Platform and how it could help your digital project, please contact us.