Navigating diverse challenges

Energy suppliers in the UK have their own visions for the future, yet they face many of the same immediate challenges. How to manage escalating costs in a landscape of constant change while keeping risk low? How to maintain an excellent customer experience in an increasingly competitive world? Those suppliers that can answer these two questions most successfully over the coming years will come closest to turning their visions into reality.

If that’s the big picture, then smart meters are at the foreground of the canvas. Suppliers are under pressure from the regulator Ofgem to make smart meters a success story. The aim to improve customer choice, control environmental impact and protect the most disadvantaged in society remains as valid today as when the mission began.

In this paper, we discuss the major challenges faced by suppliers in terms of smart meters, such as navigating external change factors, solving technical complexities and cutting costs while remaining compliant. We’ll also share why we believe in the merits of outsourcing of testing and quality assurance to an independent partner that can automate processes and achieve valuable economies of scale. This belief is at the heart of our new Smart Services offer. With just 18 months to run until the deadline expires, the time for change is now.

Download Expleo’s Smart Services whitepaper here.