Why an investment in the planet is an investment in your business

Businesses and technologists have a responsibility to deliver value to their customers. But for innovation to deliver genuine value, they must take their direction from two types of insight.

The first type is the knowledge of systems and technologies and – to some extent – science to understand what may become technically possible.

Image of the planet

But the second is perhaps even more important; and that is understanding the future needs and demands of society and customers, be they consumers, businesses or governments. Without this information, it’s difficult for companies to know how to tailor their solutions to deliver services that people really want and need.

At Expleo, we’re always looking for ways to better support and advise our clients in their journeys toward quality-driven digital transformation. So we decided to conduct a consumer survey, asking everyday technology users about the impact technology has had on their lives over the past decade and whether it has lived up to its promises. We also wanted to understand people’s expectations for the future, especially when it comes to the role technology plays in solving challenges and improving everyday life.

We tailored our questions to a broad spectrum of sectors, from banking to transport, securing granular insights from consumers pertaining to development in these areas. But one overarching theme was clear. Whether it’s developing bespoke problem-solving technologies or using IT to ‘eco-proof’ existing sectors, people want future innovations to focus on minimising climate damage. Our goal now is to help businesses rise to this challenge, smash expectations, and build a better future for people and the planet through the use of technology.

Download the report below: