Inspiration for the Tech Sector

Kevin Cunningham, Managing Director Expleo UK To say that technology has changed the world over the course of the last two decades would be something of an understatement. Technology has changed how we both live and work; all the way from the emergence of smartphones to more recent developments such as autonomous vehicles. We are … Continued

The intersection where physical meets digital – what do businesses need?

Martin Hodgson, Executive Director Management Consulting at Expleo Group Every industry is being re-shaped by technology. The last 20 years have seen the emergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution, kickstarting widespread digitisation across a range of sectors, with net positive effect on efficiency and productivity. In addition, digitisation enables organisations to track assets and individuals, … Continued

Opportunity knocks: how automotive manufacturers can win in the new service economy

Jonathan Smith, Senior Principal Consultant at Expleo Consumer demands are shaping every industry and the automotive industry is no exception. The emergence of operators offering service-based products (such as Uber or Lyft) combined with a renewed resolve to choose services that are environmentally friendly (like electric vehicle fleets) has resulted in a fundamental change to … Continued

GDPR – A stepping stone to innovation

The business world has finally entered the post-GDPR era, filled with a sense of trepidation regarding what issues may arise under these new regulations. As the dust of thousands of data privacy consent emails settles, companies are starting to examine how they can utilise these new processes to their advantage. In preparation for the GDPR … Continued