Adjusting to meet new demands across central functions

Kate Cordell, Client Director In retail banking transforming the customer experience is essential to driving customer engagement and take-up. Digitising end-to-end customer journeys is a well-established approach to that transformation whereby technology can de-risk the journeys through the use of automation to limit the risk of human error. Technology can provide operational feedback loops: helping … Continued

Smoother Integration: The capability to execute change well

Kate Cordell, Client Director Delivering a market-leading customer experience means investing in industry-leading platforms, technologies and services. These may range from API-enabled channels that leverage FinTech and exploit Open Banking, to software development processes that utilise hybrid cloud and Software-as-a-Service to achieve cost and agility improvements. The aim is always the same:  to transform the … Continued

Factory of the future: the challenges of transformation

What do a pair of sneakers, a car and an airliner have in common? Nothing really – except that all these products enable mobility! Yet the different manufacturers that make them are often faced with the same expectations from their clients. Better responsiveness, more competitive pricing and more customisation. In other words, they are expected … Continued

Human and machine: the workplace of the future?

Disruptive technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are making huge inroads into many industries, driven in part by the wider trend for digital transformation. The process of streamlining and digitising processes has created new areas where automation improves efficiency and overall productivity, as well as supporting existing employees in responding to increased customer demands … Continued

How blockchain can be implemented to support Industry 4.0?

The end of 2017 saw the rise of cryptocurrencies as the value of the market soared. Renewed interest in blockchain technology swiftly followed, more than 10 years after it first gained popularity in the finance industry. However, blockchain is more than cryptocurrency and has the potential to be used in many other sectors where the … Continued