FinTechs working with banks: A guide to overcoming the pitfalls

Kate Cordell, Client Director, Expleo Following the UK Department for International Trade‚Äôs UK FinTech State of the Nation Report in May this year, Kate Cordell from Expleo offers advice to FinTechs on best practice when working with traditional banks. Banks and FinTechs are increasingly in need of each other. For incumbent banks, the adoption of … Continued

Agile enough to keep pace?

Kate Cordell, Client Director Adapting quickly to changing conditions requires new systems and ways of working that help you move rapidly and cost effectively. But how do you transform without disruption? And what is the best way to turn change into a competitive advantage? The Waterfall model and reliance on manual testing can waste valuable … Continued

Take a forward-looking approach

Kate Cordell, Client Director In order to achieve the full benefits of any transformation it is more important than ever to ensure you have the right people in the right roles.  But how?  With changing roles and departments, and new entrants joining the business, how do you ensure you capture and retain the critical knowledge … Continued