How to gain competitive advantages by creating a Digital Twin for your products

Keeping up with consumer expectations We all know modern consumers’ expectations are being driven by the power of technology – almost every aspect of daily life now has to be faster, smarter, and more convenient. But leading enterprises in manufacturing have uncovered an effective new approach to ensuring they can meet, and even exceed, that … Continued

Becoming entrepreneurial: maximising the impact of your Product Owners

In Agile frameworks, the Product Owner is the person responsible for maximizing value, for example through prioritisation of development work, engaging stakeholders; and learning from the market and customers.  Product Owners formulate a crystal-clearvision that guides product development, involve key stakeholders, makes use of the possibilities afforded by new technologies; and develop features to target … Continued

A market for change in the business sector

It seems that the word ‘agile’ is everywhere. Online articles, business magazines, and training companies are touting agility, as the way to immense profitability, productivity and general success.  But is it all it’s purported to be? And if it is, how do we take the theory – developed initially for the software landscape, and implement … Continued