How AI is transforming the automotive industry

Make no mistake, we are only at the very beginning of exploring the full potential of AI across all industries. Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Text Mining – all of these technologies, already partially mature in the online marketing and financial worlds, have much to offer manufacturing in general, and the automotive industry … Continued

Are robots the answer to your project woes?

There’s no question: businesses are operating in a highly challenging global environment. Sectors are changing rapidly due to technological developments and digital disruptors, and all the while political and economic uncertainty remains high. Faced with fierce competition, clients are becoming more demanding, both in terms of what they want and when they want it. Of … Continued

Breaking barriers to trust using Robotic Process Automation

The highly challenging global business environment has become even more competitive recently. Technological developments and digital disruptors continue to shape the landscape, against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty. Concurrently, customer expectations are growing, as they demand high quality products and services delivered to a timescale that fits their needs. This places significant pressure … Continued

Is blockchain the answer to avoiding VISA-sized woes?

In recent times data breaches were considered the biggest worries for financial institutions, however a new reputational risk issue is now on the rise – disruption of payment systems, with even global companies struggling to cope with the after effects of such outages. In particular, two recent card payment incidents hit the headlines for all … Continued

Human and machine: the workplace of the future?

Disruptive technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are making huge inroads into many industries, driven in part by the wider trend for digital transformation. The process of streamlining and digitising processes has created new areas where automation improves efficiency and overall productivity, as well as supporting existing employees in responding to increased customer demands … Continued

How to gain competitive advantages by creating a Digital Twin for your products

Keeping up with consumer expectations We all know modern consumers’ expectations are being driven by the power of technology – almost every aspect of daily life now has to be faster, smarter, and more convenient. But leading enterprises in manufacturing have uncovered an effective new approach to ensuring they can meet, and even exceed, that … Continued

GDPR – A stepping stone to innovation

The business world has finally entered the post-GDPR era, filled with a sense of trepidation regarding what issues may arise under these new regulations. As the dust of thousands of data privacy consent emails settles, companies are starting to examine how they can utilise these new processes to their advantage. In preparation for the GDPR … Continued

How blockchain can be implemented to support Industry 4.0?

The end of 2017 saw the rise of cryptocurrencies as the value of the market soared. Renewed interest in blockchain technology swiftly followed, more than 10 years after it first gained popularity in the finance industry. However, blockchain is more than cryptocurrency and has the potential to be used in many other sectors where the … Continued

Becoming entrepreneurial: maximising the impact of your Product Owners

In Agile frameworks, the Product Owner is the person responsible for maximizing value, for example through prioritisation of development work, engaging stakeholders; and learning from the market and customers.  Product Owners formulate a crystal-clearvision that guides product development, involve key stakeholders, makes use of the possibilities afforded by new technologies; and develop features to target … Continued

DevOps: What is it and why do you care?

The term DevOps is a combination of two terms: development (Dev) and operations (Ops). This term was created as way of combining software engineering, operations culture, and practices to unify software development and software operations. The primary goal of DevOps is to strongly integrate automation and monitoring at all steps of the software development life … Continued