Card payment platforms: skimping on quality is risky business

Bharath Kumar Mani, Client Director, Expleo Quality assurance provides guardrails for banks against the reputational damage of systems failure, says Bharath Kumar Mani. In the complex industry of cards and payments, it pays to double check you’re doing it right. It’s not so long ago that most customers selected their bank for practical reasons such … Continued

Adjusting to meet new demands across central functions

Kate Cordell, Client Director In retail banking transforming the customer experience is essential to driving customer engagement and take-up. Digitising end-to-end customer journeys is a well-established approach to that transformation whereby technology can de-risk the journeys through the use of automation to limit the risk of human error. Technology can provide operational feedback loops: helping … Continued

Take a forward-looking approach

Kate Cordell, Client Director In order to achieve the full benefits of any transformation it is more important than ever to ensure you have the right people in the right roles.  But how?  With changing roles and departments, and new entrants joining the business, how do you ensure you capture and retain the critical knowledge … Continued

Smoother Integration: The capability to execute change well

Kate Cordell, Client Director Delivering a market-leading customer experience means investing in industry-leading platforms, technologies and services. These may range from API-enabled channels that leverage FinTech and exploit Open Banking, to software development processes that utilise hybrid cloud and Software-as-a-Service to achieve cost and agility improvements. The aim is always the same:  to transform the … Continued

Financial services: is the tanker turning fast enough?

Ross Hignett, Director of Financial Services gauges the response of traditional banks and financial institutions to the growing challenge of disruption from digital-native start-ups. It’s tempting to think of the traditional financial services sector like an oil tanker, desperately trying to change direction towards a more digital future, before all its cargo is siphoned off … Continued