The automotive industry needs courage and caution in equal measure

Roch Thaller, Executive Vice President Automotive & Transportation at Expleo, identifies the key tech trends in the automotive industry. While digital innovation and collaboration will make regular headlines, the science of quality assurance and testing will need to develop at the same pace. In SatNav terms, consumers have set their destination. They want to drive … Continued

Opportunity knocks: how automotive manufacturers can win in the new service economy

Jonathan Smith, Senior Principal Consultant at Expleo Consumer demands are shaping every industry and the automotive industry is no exception. The emergence of operators offering service-based products (such as Uber or Lyft) combined with a renewed resolve to choose services that are environmentally friendly (like electric vehicle fleets) has resulted in a fundamental change to … Continued

How AI is transforming the automotive industry

Make no mistake, we are only at the very beginning of exploring the full potential of AI across all industries. Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Text Mining – all of these technologies, already partially mature in the online marketing and financial worlds, have much to offer manufacturing in general, and the automotive industry … Continued