A systematic approach to cybersecurity to mitigate business risk and give you peace of mind

Not only do cyber-attacks generate significant media interest and reputational damage, the remediation costs associated with these attacks are substantial.

At Expleo we understand that cybersecurity is about securing your entire system from cyber-attack. Whether you’re responsible for designing and developing connected products, developing security critical software or maintaining the security of your networks, our systemic approach to cybersecurity can support you in addressing risk and meeting legislative requirements.

Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets to secure a business against cybercrime but at Expleo we can carefully balance the risk, cost and usability associated with your systems. We have extensive experience in supporting a range of businesses in addressing their cybersecurity challenges. We have worked across multiple domains such as automotive, banking, education, insurance and rail as well as a range of other companies in cutting edge technical domains. We not only support these customers in establishing state of the art security practices, but also in securing products that they produce and the environments in which they operate. Ultimately, we strive to support our customers in understanding and reducing their cybersecurity risk.

Investing in cybersecurity will be significantly more cost effective than the potential damage to your brand.


Below are just four examples of some of the many ways we have supported our clients with designing and implementing their cybersecurity strategy to date:

Early lifecyle cybersecurity support

We have successfully supported clients across a range of industries to design and develop secure systems. By engaging with our clients early in their development life-cycle, we are able to mitigate potential cybersecurity issues, providing cost effective solutions to reduce system level risks.

Ensure consistent performance

Our cybersecurity health checks can be used to provide a key insight into the overall cybersecurity health of a business or system. We specialise in embedded and manufacturing cybersecurity and have a wealth of experience in enhancing the overall cybersecurity maturity of a business. We support our customers in implementing cybersecurity improvement programs as well as implementing cybersecurity from scratch for a newly designed system. Working with relevant industry standards we can help companies ensure that they are approaching cybersecurity in the right way.

Real-time monitoring

Our state-of-the-art security operations centre can monitor tens of thousands of endpoints, checking billions of log entries per month. Using this centre, our team can identify and respond to real-time threats across a geographically diverse set of business-critical assets, significantly reducing business risk. We are able to support customers across a range of different industries.

Quantify risk

Our continuous intelligent quality platforms tests for vulnerabilities at the early stages of the software development lifecycle. Our approach is coupled with real-time business intelligence and saves considerable time compared with manual approaches. It also allows our customers to automatically quantify the risk and cost associated with each vulnerability identified, thereby delivering quantifiable business benefit. This solution offers significant value to our customers with medium and large-scale software development capability.

Support at all stages of the product and software lifecycle

Our cybersecurity experts work in collaboration with our customers to address risks and ensure we deliver lasting, sustainable results. Our primary focus is always on the overall success of your cybersecurity strategy across the lifecycle of your systems.

The earlier in the design and development process that cybersecurity is addressed, the better. Early implementation helps to reduce associated remediation and inefficiency costs, ensuring you have a secure cybersecurity strategy. At Expleo, we understand that many businesses may already hold some level of expertise or have made steps to start implementing their own cybersecurity strategy. Our team of experts can integrate into existing customer development lifecycles and provide practical and implementable solutions, allowing you to demonstrate the clear processes that have been followed to ensure your systems are secure.

Cybersecurity needs to be performed on an iterative basis to ensure we are constantly keeping up with the changing environment and emerging hacking methods. When we get involved at the initial stage of a cybersecurity improvement plan, we can add the greatest value with our lifecycle offering. As our service provision matures, we can continue offering value to customers who have progressed with their cybersecurity improvement plan.

Our support spans across four main areas:

  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance – Providing consultancy to support businesses in carrying out robust and compliant industry cybersecurity practices, processes and procedures. Our expertise in this space covers both embedded devices (across automotive, rail, aerospace and more)and IT environments.
  • Engineering – Supporting our customers in designing and implementing secure products, software and infrastructures.
  • Testing – Supporting our customers in the verification of vulnerability reports and security risks through a combination of automated, AI-driven and manual security testing.
  • Monitoring – Through our Security Operation Centre, we monitor the security of business-critical infrastructures and applications.

Our approach is underpinned by a group of passionate and highly skilled engineers, across the globe. We pride ourselves on understanding your business and leveraging our expert domain knowledge to provide you with better, implementable security solutions. Our ‘defence in-depth’ approach ensures there are no single point failures that could result in unacceptable business risk. We understand the tactics used by hackers and the importance of implementing multiple layers of cybersecurity protection, giving critical time to counteract any attempts at a breach and provide the best possible chance of prevention.

To find out more about our cybersecurity services please contact us.