Put testing at the core of continuous quality

In today’s disrupted industries, there is no let up for technology-intensive businesses. Those that stand still, quickly fall behind. Equally, those agile businesses that put constant change – and continuous quality management at the heart of their operations will keep their services and products where customers appreciate them most.

Maintain momentum with proven processes

When quality is part of business as usual – rather than an add-on – it becomes a source of competitive advantage and improved customer experiences, helping you to respond to turbulence and opportunities as quickly as possible.

At Expleo, we believe that effective testing will provide the backbone for any end to end quality management solution. We support our clients’ continuous quality with a core set of proven testing processes and underlying tools:

Maintain your momentum with continuous quality

Test management: We ensure that the planning, communication and control of the test effort is undertaken in a way that will support effective delivery.

Functional testing: Valid in both sequential and iterative delivery models, our service covers the full functional test range to achieve the highest test coverage possible along the software development lifecycle.

Non-functional testing: Significant amounts of risk sit within the non-functional attributes of a solution. Our range of services support solution design and the reduction of non-functional risk.

Product testing: We have built a large range of “pre-canned” test suites for a number of strategic products across a range of sectors and industries. Each of these packs acts as a test service accelerator. 

Compliance testing: To address the risks associated with regulatory and legal standards, we ensure that solutions are designed to be compliant with the relevant standards, then test to ensure compliance is proven.

UX/CX testing: With IT systems involving higher levels of direct customer engagement than ever before – and customer expectations growing all the time – it is critical that sufficient focus is paid to the quality of the customer and user journey.

Mobile testing: From application and browser testing for retail and banking applications to advanced mobility solutions in the automotive and aerospace sectors, we can offer end to end testing services that ensure the desired user experience and business value.

Managed testing services: Our test services can be delivered by an industrialised managed service approach (iMS). Predefined delivery models, test approaches and test reporting metrics support a scalable service delivery, project progress and project quality control.