Quality engineering as a driver for change

Adapting to the new landscape of software delivery. Although a comparatively new discipline, quality engineering has quickly gathered importance within the quality industry, due to the widespread adoption of agile software development, continuous
and DevOps.

Adapting to the new landscape of software delivery

Organisations are increasingly recognising the evolving role of quality services: from support act to agent of change. Done well, quality has the power to enable better business outcomes and improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, quality engineering has become business critical for building the next-generation solutions that will meet the needs of complex and highly integrated technology.

Offering quality at speed

Due to the rise of agile and DevOps, firms are moving from traditional waterfall business models to automated and continuous processes. But this means they can no longer test the way they used to. Finding the right talent with the latest skillsets has quickly become a global challenge. At Expleo, we have some of the brightest minds in this specialist discipline, with the ability to deliver ‘built-in-quality’ for continuous agility.

Our people have the capabilities to develop and test our own software with agility, and also provide quality consulting services to clients. This includes quality analytics and maturity assessments to gauge progress, as well as proprietary tool chains and accelerators to ensure a high standard of automation, code quality and software delivery.

At Expleo, our quality engineering services provide cost effective, efficient and proven solutions that are continuously improved to support evolving market demands. Our focus on development quality establishes a shift left process culture that reduces time-to-market and increases customer confidence. Clients receive an end solution that is underpinned by a solid architecture, which has been tested and independently assured.

Our clients rely on our solutions to migrate, govern, manage and analyse valuable data with confidence. In addition, security must be integrated into the full software delivery and systems delivery process. Therefore, we offer a holistic approach to software and systems security to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.