Agility from centralised quality management

Expleo is leading the shift to Quality Competency Centres (QCCs) that support the delivery of reliable production systems in the most cost-effective manner

As organisations continue their transformation towards business agility, the need for reliable and cost-effective testing and quality is growing in step. Expleo is spearheading a proven model for centralised quality management, delivered by Quality Competency Centres (QCCs). This solution for immature quality management allows your organisation to derive real benefits such as better-informed decisions and higher consistency, as well as greater visibility of quality engagement.


Is the age of TCoEs over?

The demand for a centralised quality function was previously handled by Testing Centres of Excellence (TCoEs). However, these centres have shown mixed results, often contributing to poor production quality, high support costs, delayed implementations and slow change cycles. Indeed, Gartner has predicted that 50% of customers would dismantle TCoEs by 2020, as they shifted to competency centres, agile methodologies and DevOps to provide business agility.

Yet, due to a lack of alternatives, many organisations are yet to make that shift. Expleo is rising to the challenge. Our new model of QCC is already showing solid results, such as reduced application down time, accelerated change implementation, increased resource flexibility, stronger organisational quality conscience and enhanced confidence in change delivery. Instead of remaining in siloes, lessons learned can now be distributed company-wide, while performance is measured against an industry standard.

Continuity and visibility

The ‘wheel-and-hub model’ allows greater continuity of resource management – one of the main grumbles around TCoEs. The small central nervous system houses core functions such as processes, standards, tools, environments, improvement, metrics, reporting, innovation and so on. Resources are then distributed around the projects on the wheel. Key operatives can now continue to work where they’re most appreciated, but with a direct link back into the centre of the wheel. 

Improved visibility also means you can spotlight those business areas that are proactively engaged in raising standards across the whole organisation. Who is taking a centralised, responsible organisational perspective that actually contributes to the business, rather than just looking after themselves?

Discover your level of quality maturity

Backed by our extensive experience, we have developed a QCC framework to help prospective clients measure and prioritise areas that will most benefit from improvement activities. This diagnostic approach will also help you to understand where you are against market averages, and specifically against your sector competitors. 

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