DevOps: continuous software development, delivery and integration

Combining automation with cultural change

All industries today rely heavily on technology, and so rapid and reliable software development is increasingly an everyday demand for businesses as they look to navigate the disrupted era. At Expleo, we believe that DevOps, with its potential to combine automation with cultural change and business value, offers the right approach to efficiently build, test and bring software to market. In addition, DevOps allows users to operate new software effectively, and then take lessons learnt into the next round of development.

Maintain your momentum with continuous quality

We are so confident in our DevOps approach that we use the same technologies, methodologies and philosophies in our own business, as we do on behalf of clients. Perhaps the biggest barrier to successful implementation is finding people with the right skills. At Expleo, we’re proud to offer some of the world’s most talented developers, testers, analysts and change managers.

There are four ‘pillars’ to our Expleo DevOps approach that, when combined result in minimum effort for maximum value, delivering safely, early and often.

  • Continuously building, testing and deploying products that are fit for purpose. We help clients to build in short cycles so new products can be reliably and quickly released to customers at any point. With effective automation, you will reduce cost by reducing manual effort and human error.
  • Maximising communication and collaboration – having the right people, doing the right job, at the right time. We help clients to promote internal innovation, communication, collaboration and alignment. Rather than superheroes, you need cross-functional teamwork.
  • Operation and Feedback. We help clients to get their software out to their own customers as early as possible, and through operation to gather structured user feedback that informs the next round of development.
  • Measure, visualise and realise business value. We provide clients with actionable quality and business intelligence to eliminate waste, build change into the process and maximize the delivery of valuable software

DevOps brings benefits across the development, delivery and operations life cycle, but adoption carries real risks if businesses view it simply as a technology solution and ignore the people aspects. Without leadership, collaboration and internal buy-in, DevOps can even prove counterproductive, by slowing down processes, stifling innovation, creating siloes and building products that don’t respond to market needs.

When the right behaviours become second nature across the business, DevOps will greatly contribute to creating an agile, value driven culture that can adapt to the rapidly-changing world around you.

At Expleo our DevOps approach and full portfolio of services including Business Agility, Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance can provide both capability and capacity and will contribute to our customer success stories.