Ready your factory for best-in-class production

Our teams take immense care and pride in supporting our clients in technology-intensive sectors to meet fast-shifting consumer expectations. Through our manufacturing engineering skills, we design and re-design existing factories, with the ability to enhance industrial processes and organisations for exceptional production efficiency.

Quality at the heart of progress

We review day-to-day processes on the shop floor, through quality inspection and functional testing services. Our teams also help clients to manage their supply chain, performing lean or “customised” audits of the supply chain performance, as well as streamlining logistics.

Ready your factory for best-in-class production

Based on our partnerships and internal R&D investments, we integrate ‘Factory of the Future’ solutions in a proof of concept or full deployment mode. For example, we might employ apps technology for “paperless” use cases, or use virtual reality to check ergonomy and test the benefits of new shop-floor arrangements.

Alongside factory design and Industry 4.0 solutions, we bring best-shore expertise in logistics, lean auditing, supply chain management and quality assurance services.