Insight is all part of the service

The ability to prevent the need for expensive repairs with proactive measures will keep costs down and avoid any damage from loss of service. That’s why clients come to Expleo.

Make data work harder for your business

We support leading organisations in technology-intensive sectors to maintain and service their products. For example, in aerospace, we are active in aircraft modification and repair projects. In addition, we support the engineering work required to maintain aircraft in flying condition i.e. airworthiness management. In transportation, we work closely with clients to keep rolling stock in optimal condition.

Insight is all part of the service

We also help our clients keep life cycle costs to a minimum by analysing in-service data to enhance product design and maintenance requirements. This runs in tandem with our expertise in the production and updates of technical documentation.

Clients also rely on Expleo for airworthiness management, aircraft modification and repair, rolling stock optimisation, and data analysis.