The last number of months have seen immense changes in how businesses operate. While not all of those changes will be permanent, many will, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that organisations in all sectors must approach the next normal in a bespoke way that fits their business, culture and customers. This can mean adopting an entirely new approach to organisational strategy and operating processes.

Access to expertise for all businesses

At Expleo, we recognise that in order to Reboot Ireland, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for the next normal. And for many, the next strategic move may be their most important yet. It is with this in mind that we are investing our experts’ time and effort to help Irish businesses of any size get back on their feet so they can get one step ahead.

Expleo is offering all Irish organisations free business transformation consultancy* with one of our cross-industry experts across our many services. We will take the time needed to talk to you about your challenges and help devise a practical and exciting solution or proposal that fits your organisation’s vision and values.

Ireland is facing economic uncertainty and we are in a position to help. We want to harness our cross-industry expertise to help businesses break new ground for the next normal.

Phil Codd, Managing Director, Expleo Ireland

The free consultancy will cover initial assessment of businesses’ needs, referral to a leading consultant and in-depth business analysis to establish a clear plan of action. Services will be offered to businesses operating in all sectors including financial services, manufacturing, travel, insurance and IT.

To apply, simply complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you to put you in touch with the right expert for your business.

Apply for a free consultation here:

The Business Show

In addition to offering expert consulting to Irish businesses, Expleo has partnered with Business and Finance to bring you ‘The Business Show’ between June and September 2020 with a focus on #RebootingIreland. This is a programme of engagements with an impressive speaker line-up. It comprises useful and practical online content and culminates in an unmissable virtual event on 10th September. The initiative is aimed at creating a sustained and consistent engagement between leading organisations, their leadership and the Irish business community.

The ‘Rebooting Ireland’ c-suite event is driven by the desire for solution-based discussions which will be showcased through keynote speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities. This will equip you with tools to reassess and realign your business focus for the months ahead.  

*Terms and Conditions

Expleo will endeavour to respond to all applications for free consultancy promptly and efficiently, if you do not receive a follow up phone call within 48hours email

Initial free consultancy is available to all Irish businesses up to a maximum of four hours which may be extended or reduced based on your business need