There is a well-known – albeit apocryphal – anecdote that at the height of the space race, NASA spent millions developing a pen for its astronauts to use in space; their Russian counterparts, by comparison, used a pencil.

Veracity aside, the moral of the story still stands up. Intelligent thinking applied well is always more effective and makes a greater difference: innovation for innovation’s sake is meaningless.

This is the thinking at the heart of Expleo. We are committed to innovation in everything we do: new tools, new industries and new ways of working. But those innovations are always underpinned by the intention to affect change and make a difference: Innovation with Impact.

Today, there is a greater need for this kind of intelligent problem solving than ever before. Businesses are faced with an unrelenting pace of change, constantly adapting to shifts in the marketplace due to new technologies and other factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic. As a society, we also need to urgently address issues such as the climate crisis and growing social inequality. Success as a business is no longer just about the bottom line but how we solve these issues.

Many industries have no choice but to embrace this thinking and adjust their business models to ensure they have a positive impact on society. The auto, aero and marine industries need to make the transport of people and materials greener and smarter; governments need to ensure our cities remain a place we can thrive in the face of exploding populations; and the healthcare industry must innovate to ensure the long-term well-being of our communities. Meanwhile, humanity is intent on exploring what exists outside our atmosphere that could offer new opportunities and expand our horizons.

But all of this is easier said than done.

Today’s problems require the collective thinking, expertise and experience of the world’s best problem solvers. This is where Expleo shines. Whether it is solving urban mobility issues through air taxis or developing new clean energy solutions, we help our partners turn innovative ideas into real-world solutions that make the world greener, safer and better for all. You can learn more about Expleo’s work and commitment to Innovation with Impact HERE.