Paris, 5 December 2019. As part of the modernization of its historic industrial site in Sochaux, the PSA Group has chosen Expleo, a world leader in engineering, quality services and management consulting, with providing project management support in the installation of its future multi-purpose and multi-silhouette production line. Eventually, it will have a production capacity of 400,000 vehicles per year. This project is a new decisive step in the site’s transformation, according to Factory of the Future principles.

The Expleo Group is responsible for supporting the transfer of the production assembly shop to the future assembly line for the manufacture of the PSA vehicles of tomorrow, in close collaboration with PSA’s teams. Expleo will participate in all stages of the project, from the design phase to the production launch in 2022, including the drafting of specifications, the consultation of technical partners, technical-economic analysis and management of process industrialization and development.

Expleo has been working with Groupe PSA on tools and production processes for more than 30 years and has participated in the transformation of several other automotive manufacturing sites.

The Expleo Group has been based in Étupes for 25 years with 120 employees in the region, and operates mainly in the transport sector (automobiles and rail). In connection with the PSA Sochaux 2022 project, it plans to locally recruit more than 50 project management engineers in 2020 and 2021.

The Expleo Group is a partner of large industrial companies in technology-intensive industries. It assists its clients throughout the entire value chain, from consulting and business agility to design, production, post-development services and quality management. Expleo operates in 25 countries and has 15,000 employees worldwide, including 5,000 in France.

According to Philippe EYSSAUTIER, Operations Director at Expleo Regions: “Being involved in the transformation of the PSA site in Sochaux is a real privilege for us because in the late 90s our teams participated in the transfer of the current assembly line. Twenty years later, we’re proud to still be PSA’s partner in this project and to contribute to the establishment of a new flexible and versatile production line, which will be one of the most modern and efficient in Europe.”

Christophe DURAND, Montage Sochaux 2022 Manager: “We are pleased to be working with Expleo and are counting on their experience and professionalism to achieve all the goals set for the Sochaux 2022 project.”