Dublin, 27 May 2021. Expleo Ireland, the technology partner for innovative companies, is delighted to launch a first of its kind, Spotlight on Financial Services report for the region. The report comes on the back of the research the company commissioned to inform their annual Business Transformation Index 2021.

The velocity of digital transformation has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 crisis, underpinned by a move to self-service via digital channels along with product and service innovation. Mobile banking apps, digital wallets, frictionless account opening and digital onboarding are on the rise – especially mass adoption of digital wallets for contactless payments in the COVID environment.

Is this a short-term response to an extraordinary situation – or will investment in automation and innovation continue to grow post-COVID-19? Have we now passed the tipping point on digital transformation?

Expleo’s Spotlight on Financial Services report highlights how business and IT decision makers across the Financial Services sector in Ireland are gearing up for post-pandemic success. It provides a snapshot of current trends across Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, while also assessing changes to the workplace landscape, environmental concerns and evolving consumer demands.

Explore actionable and timely insights to inform your company’s growth strategy by downloading the report today.