Paris, 6 June 2019. Expleo, the technology partner for innovative companies, is partnering with Picomto to support manufacturers with a single dedicated solution for digitalising all their technical documentation, from work instructions to operating methods and maintenance procedures. This dedicated solution is set to enhance the productivity of operators and order pickers by creating, managing, sharing, exploiting and analysing technical information visually within a connected environment.

The Digital Instructions solution is based on the Picomto software developed by Allianzes, with bespoke integration by Expleo. It enables rapid preparation and publication of digital instruction sheets illustrated with visual content (photos, videos, 3D models, etc.), as well as recording instruction viewing and implementation data (current and future cycles, work progress, scheduled/actual lead time, scrap rates, etc.).  

With Digital Instructions, using technical documentation becomes a dynamic and connected process. Digitalisation provides easier multimedia access to data that is always up to date, and can be shared by everyone involved. Incorporating visual content into work sheets makes it easier to understand instructions and apply them properly. The result is a reduction in the risk of errors and their impact on the business. Lastly, all instructions viewing and execution data are recorded and consolidated in a single dashboard from which it is then possible to print reports and track performance indicators to facilitate continuous process improvement.

Digital Instructions also helps companies with their training and facilitates the on boarding for operators. The software ensures each new operator has the accreditations and skills needed for a given task, and specifies the equipment and materials required. Technical content can also be adapted to suit the user’s level of experience.   

With detailed knowledge of the operational challenges involved, the teams at Expleo provide implementation support for the Picomto solution, even in the most challenging production environments. The bespoke service includes: an audit to identify customer requirements, integration project management, the transfer of existing data to the new solution, training for teams and performance enhancement based on user data analysis. 

Digital Instructions further expands the range of technology solutions offered by Expleo to customers as part of supporting them in their future factory projects.

Rémy Bourges, Factory of the Future Director at Expleo:

“The factory of the future must be seen as a change that, over and above the technology involved, demands far-reaching transformational changes in production working methods. Digital Instructions allows us to offer a bespoke solution to companies keen to digitalise the technical documentation that underpins their operational expertise. Visual enhancement of instruction sheets, dynamic information sharing and analytical functions are just the starting point for a more wide ranging process designed to improve every aspect of their business performance”.

Emmanuel Toulisse, CEO Allianzes:

“Picomto is a complete solution that puts operators at the heart of the factory of the future and connects them to Information Systems in real time. To integrate our solution successfully and maximise return on investment, we need to have a very accurate vision of precisely what our customers do in their business. We facilitate change by addressing not only a clients’ current environment, but also looking ahead to its future organisational structure. That is precisely what our partnership with Expleo makes possible: access to an engineering specialist who understands both the power of our solution and the businesses and issues of those companies wishing to introduce it to their production system.”