18 June 2021 – Le Figaro speaks with Expleo CEO, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, where he discusses the vital role of business externalisation to meet the need for companies to continually adapt to a  changing environment, and how these businesses are now considered to be much more than just a simple service provider.

Q: Can you introduce Expleo in a few words?

Rajesh Krishnamurthy: Expleo is an international service company for engineering, digital solutions and strategic consulting supporting the digital transformation of businesses. We are present in 30 countries and have over 13,500 employees. We work with large groups as well as SMEs in many sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, finance, transport, energy and healthcare. Created in 2019, Expleo is a young brand, but one that benefits from more than 55 years of expertise on the engineering side, following the takeover of the operations of Assystem’s Global Product Solutions division (Assystem Technologies) and nearly 40 years of expertise in the design, testing and deployment of digital solutions. Our management consultancy subsidiaries also benefit from a deep history in this field.

Q: What is your analysis of the evolution of the need for externalisation? 

RK: In recent years, five major forces have disrupted companies and accelerated their transformation: the leap in technological innovation; increasingly complex business issues requiring the implementation of collaborative ecosystems; the development of new operational models based on automation and robotisation; an increasingly personalised customer experience; and increased and globalised competition, accelerated by e-commerce. The pandemic has only accelerated these forces and created new needs for specialised and digital expertise, increasing the need for speed, agility and cost control.

Q: So, in your opinion, externalisations is almost unavoidable nowadays?

RK: Business externalisation is an essential lever for companies to be more responsive, efficient, agile and innovative. Turning to a company like Expleo allows for rapid acceleration of performance, access to a pool of talent and a network of experts who can intervene on subjects as diverse as product design, smart factories, software development and quality assurance. In an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, it is difficult to act alone. A company needs to be accompanied by trusted partners to succeed in its evolution, its transformation and to prepare its future.

Q: How do you gain the trust of major industrial players such as Alstom, RATP, Schneider Electric, Renault and Airbus?

RK: In addition to being recognised for our cutting-edge expertise, we offer a strong understanding of our clients’ often complex issues and an in-depth knowledge of their businesses in which we have been operating for years. We have a truly global approach with expertise that knows no boundaries and centres of excellence based around the world, including best-shoring in India, Egypt, Morocco and Romania. We are also investing heavily in innovation for the competitiveness of our clients and the development of our own skills. For example, our teams are deploying advanced hydrogen systems in transport and developing new bamboo-based materials to replace polluting materials used in aviation with partners such as Airbus. We are also contributing to major space projects such as the Pleiades or Perseverance on Mars.