Belfast, 17 July 2019. Expleo, the technology partner for innovative companies, announces today that it has appointed Andy Morrison as Head of Automation for the group’s Digital Labs in Belfast. Bringing extensive experience in software testing and engineering to the role, Andy will build on Expleo’s capacity to deliver pioneering automation projects to global enterprises.

Digital Labs provides technology support to Expleo’s global offices and in doing so, plays a major role in the delivery of automation solutions to businesses across the world. As enterprises increase their focus on fast, quality software delivery, demand for Digital Labs’ automation services is increasing. Andy will oversee the company’s activities relating to test automation projects, as well as the automation of businesses’ infrastructure deployment and full software delivery cycles.

With experience spanning all phases of the testing and automation process – from framework testing, to project integration and team management – Andy will also be responsible for identifying future trends and opportunities in automation. In doing so, he will ensure Expleo’s automation teams are consistently identifying and implementing new techniques and approaches that will be of most value to businesses.

Prior to joining Expleo, Andy held the position of VP of Engineering for Vela, the e-trading software developer. There, he played a major role in implementing new automated testing tools and transforming the company’s approach to the software development life cycle. Andy has also held the positions of Quality Assurance (QA) Manager for CVS Caremark and Technical QA Manager for NYSE Technologies.

Commenting on the appointment, Rob McConnell, Director and Global Head of Digital Labs, Expleo, said: “As a trusted digital transformation partner, Expleo is helping businesses unlock the power of automation and as a result, innovate faster. Through automation, we are helping businesses define the future of technology and the world of work.

“Digital Labs works with companies locally and globally to deliver game-changing automation solutions and Andy will play an integral role in continuing, and expanding, our work in this area. Andy has been immersed in the world of testing and automation for almost 20 years and will be a fantastic and exciting addition to our team.”