Paris, 23 November 2020. Expleo, the technology partner for innovative companies, has today announced a strategic partnership with TEHTRIS, a leading provider of cyber security software and services. This alliance creates a new business offer that will empower organisations to monitor and detect potential risks, and then rapidly mitigate the disruption and damage of any attack.   

Businesses across all sectors are facing up to the reality of cyber security breaches, with a steep rise in the frequency of targeted and non-targeted attacks in the last two years. The impact of a breach can result in significant reputational, operational, financial, and even legal implications for a company.  

Expleo will gain access to the TEHTRIS XDR platform, which uses a network of efficient sensors to improve protection, detection and response capabilities against an attack on the network. The partnership also opens up collaboration opportunities with TEHTRIS’ advanced security consultancy services. 

Brett Tarr, Head of Cyber Security Operations for Expleo said: “I am very happy and excited about the possibilities that the Expleo partnership with TEHTRIS brings. Cyber security is an incredibly important consideration for all businesses. The partnership has allowed Expleo to rapidly develop a new business capability, bringing greater visibility over potential cyber threats to our clientsWe also look forward to working with TEHTRIS to find innovative approaches to cyber security, as market needs develop in the future. 

Laurent Oudot, CEO of TEHTRIS said: “Finding effective cyber security operators, skilled in real-time 24/7 incident detection and response, is a real business challenge. Expleo clearly stands out in the cyber security market because they are able to efficiently seek out threats, based on their internal practices. They protect their own resources with our technologies, which allows them to double up on operational experience, as both users and service providers to other customers all over the world.” 

To seize the opportunities of the new partnership, Expleo has built a state-of-the-art Cyber Security Operations Centre, located in Chennai, India. By leveraging the advanced software capabilities of TEHTRIS, this centre of excellence is able to offer 24/7/365 detection and response services to Expleo customers, through its dedicated team of highly-skilled security operators. 


TEHTRIS is a leading French company specialised in cyber security, which provides a broad range of software and services dedicated with a particular focus on espionage and sabotage threats. TEHTRIS has developed a unique portfolio of proprietary software covering threat prevention, detection and treatment with in-house solutions or on SaaS mode.