London, 19 August 2020. Market Analysts firm NelsonHall has positioned Expleo as a ‘Leader’ in their new 2020 NEAT Report on Quality Engineering (formerly Software Testing). Expleo scored highly in areas such as Continuous Testing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) testing and User Experience (UX) and the report states that Expleo’s Continuous Testing offering is comprehensive.


The report analyses 16 different vendors against 40 criteria to generate this industry report. It highlights how the testing services market is changing due to automation and looks at how automation has expanded from functional execution, looking specifically at continuous testing, DevOps AI testing, UX and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is also highlighted in their findings that digital testing delivery will become increasingly more productive and technical in the coming years as clients look to balance costs and transform their testing centres.

Rob McConnell, Global Head, Expleo Digital Labs welcomed the positioning, “we are now in an era of Next Generation Testing approaches and technologies, where we see a growth in test automation requirements from clients. So by combining AI/ML with our high performing teams, we can drive increased speed of testing, greatly reduce efforts and costs associated with traditional approaches to test strategy, preparation, execution and maintenance”.   

Dominique Raviart, IT Services Research Director at NelsonHall, stated, “Expleo has invested ahead of time in AI, and has created several AI use cases backed by proprietary tools and COTS. It has also developed analytics for conducting better testing and automating test creation.”

McConnell continued, “It is vital that although technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, organisations must embrace it with care, ensuring it compliments best practices processes already in place.  We should make sure we are not putting the cart before the horse,  AI/ML needs to be leveraged in combination with a well-structured eco-systems of teams, processes and ways of working.”