London, 24 April 2019. NelsonHall, the global IT and business services analyst firm, released its vendor evaluation and assessment tool (NEAT) report, where Expleo has been identified as a leader in the ‘overall’ market segment for next generation software testing services.

The annual NelsonHall report, which assesses 17 service providers across the globe, analyses the performance of vendors offering software testing services, based on their ability to deliver immediate benefit and to meet future client requirements in mobile, AI-based automation, User experience (UX) and other cognitive capabilities like Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

The analysis covers each company’s scope of services, its customer presence, level of investment, as well as the technical and commercial benefits it achieves for its clients.

Ralph Gillessen, Expleo Executive Vice President, Quality & Consulting, stated: “We are proud to achieve consecutive recognition by NelsonHall for our market expertise in next generation software testing. This is a testament to the excellent work of our teams and an encouragement to continue to deliver effective solutions for our clients. As the technologies keep evolving, we are keen to remain at the forefront of the next generation of quality services, especially in mobile, AI-based and robotics process automation.”

In addition to being recognised as a leader overall, Expleo is also positioned as a leader in mobile testing, AI-based automation and other cognitive & testing capabilities.

Dominique Raviart, IT Services Practice Director, NelsonHall, said:  “Expleo, initially as SQS, has strong capability in testing services/QA and has been successful in creating AI use cases for automating testing services”. He added, “looking forward, Expleo is investing in engineering and QA around embedded software, IoT and PLM”.