Paris, 6 February 2020. Expleo, formerly Assystem Technologies, celebrates today the one-year anniversary of its relaunch under a new identity. This rebranding followed the integration of a series of acquisitions, creating a unique end-to-end offering combining engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation.

Over the past year, Expleo hit important milestones and reinforced its ambition to be a new breed of technology partner helping businesses rapidly deliver innovation at scale.

“The re-launch as Expleo was the start of a very exciting journey with one major goal: better serve our clients. It was a bold move to answer the changing needs of today’s market where engineering and software are becoming increasingly intertwined. With a team of 15,000 technology-lovers, operating in 30 countries, we are able to work closely with our clients to match their individual business needs with the optimal mix of delivery options, with an ability to complete global and complex projects on time, successfully and with the most return on investment. We will reinforce our growth in 2020, with a strong emphasis on sales and customer care,” Olivier Aldrin, Expleo CEO explains.

Contributing to a more connected, sustainable and secure society

We support technology-intensive projects that contribute to make businesses and society more connected, sustainable and secure. Here are a few key projects to illustrate how our people make a meaningful impact:

Factory of the future – As part of the modernization of its historic industrial site in Sochaux, France, the PSA Group has chosen Expleo as a long-standing partner with a strong automobile expertise to transfer and transform its assembly line. Eventually, it will have a production capacity of 400,000 vehicles per year.

Internet for all – Expleo is bringing its assembly, integration and testing expertise to Airbus and the OneWeb project, whose inaugural mission launched in February last year from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou. This project aims to deploy a constellation of 900 satellites to deliver affordable internet access globally.

Green innovation: New biosourced composite from bamboo fiber – Expleo is currently collaborating with six other companies and research laboratories on the development of new bio-based technical composites derived from long bamboo fibers. As an alternative to the polymer composites affected by the European REACH regulation, this innovation would ultimately reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft by making their structure lighter and reducing their fuel consumption. The first prototype components are scheduled to be produced in 2021.

Transforming the UK Energy market – Expleo is supporting the Data Communications Company (DCC) in the delivery of the groundbreaking UK government led Switching Programme, a new service that will allow customers to change energy suppliers faster and more reliably. Expleo will be working with service providers and contractors to ensure systems are functioning, changes are delivered according to timelines, and risks are identified and mitigated.

Ambitious growth perspective

Leveraging our strong pan-European and fast-growing North America and Asia presence with offshore centers located in Egypt, India, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Spain, our ambition is to pursue our growth in 2020 with a strong focus on sales and customer care.

The group plans to further expand its footprint, notably in India where Expleo aims to double in size in the next few years.

This year again we will continue to bring human intelligence at the forefront of technology with 5000 new hires globally.