Dublin, 28 February 2020. Expleo in Ireland is delighted to announce that it has been officially recognised as the 16th Best Large Workplace in Ireland 2020. The company was recognised at the 18th annual Great Place to Work Best Workplaces in Ireland awards in the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin, on Wednesday 26th February 2020.

This is Expleo Ireland’s sixth consecutive year to be named as a top Irish workplace. It represents a significant jump up the rankings over the previous year, when Expleo was placed 23rd.

All participant companies are assessed based on the results of Great Place to Work’s employee ‘Trust Index’ survey, as well as thorough a culture audit of their policies and practices.

Phil Codd, Managing Director at Expleo Ireland, said:

“This is a fantastic result for Expleo in Ireland and is a culmination of the collaborative efforts of everyone across the organisation. We are a people business and this accolade underlines that. Soon, the global workforce will be made up of five generations working side-by-side; each motivated by different and varying factors. With this in mind, we really strive to harness the creativity and passion of our people to curate and promote a culture where everyone is respected and celebrated for the things that make them unique; where people with different backgrounds and experiences can thrive in their personal and professional lives and have pride of place in Expleo. When the positive change in your organisation is driven by the people themselves, it means that you are witnessing authentic change.

There were two areas in particular that led to our jump up in the rankings this year: by rebranding from SQS to Expleo in 2019, we brought all of our people together under a unique and new identity that invigorated our creativity and sense of togetherness. Secondly, our diversity and inclusion employee resource groups have flourished over the last year as we handed more autonomy to the volunteers to achieve their goals.”

Cathal Divilly, Partner at Great Place to Work® Ireland, said:

“Reaching the criteria to appear on the list of Best Workplaces in Ireland is a massive achievement, and has provided a great platform for these organisations to differentiate themselves both externally and internally as employers of choice. While attractive benefit packages will go some way towards employee satisfaction, the companies on this year’s list have realised that their unique and distinctive cultures are what will mark them out in a crowded market.

This year’s survey findings show that employees in these workplaces feel greater levels of organisational pride than ever before, which is being supported by internal CSR initiatives that emphasise employee ownership and decision-making. Meanwhile, organisations are responding to the housing crisis and commuter pressures by offering more flexible work-from-home and work-life balance arrangements. Overall, these companies are differentiating themselves by providing a distinctive sense of meaning in both personal and organisational roles for their staff. Each and every organisation on this year’s list has reason to celebrate and I would like to take the time to say congratulations to all of Ireland’s Best Workplaces 2020.”

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