Paris, 14 June 2019. Between 17 and 23 June, Expleo will attend the Paris International Air Show for the first time since being rebranded[1], along with its specialist affiliate companies[2]. This year’s show opens against the background of major transformational change driven by strong growth in demand and unprecedented increases in production rates.

As a technology partner for innovating companies, Expleo is supporting leading aviation, space and defence industry players through this period of disruptive change: to adopt new operational models that combine reliability with agility and competitiveness, accelerate the already fast pace of innovation, explore the potential opportunities offered by digital technologies, and leverage the cross-fertilisation of best practices between industries.

With more than 30 years’ experience working closely with leading aerospace and defence companies, Expleo offers support to its clients across the whole value chain, from product and systems development, manufacturing and supply chain support, to in-service and aftermarket support. Its multi-sector market positioning allows Expleo to leverage experience from other industries, in particular the automotive industry, to offer new solutions that meet its aviation, space and defence clients’ needs.

Discover our exhibition chalet

At its exhibition chalet (B51), Expleo will introduce its rebranded identity and showcase a selection of innovative projects run internally and in collaboration with clients: an invitation to discover its vision of how the industry will evolve.

BAMCO (Bamboo long fibre reinforced bio-based Matrix Composites)[3]: the composite materials of tomorrow

Expleo is currently collaborating with 7 other companies and research laboratories[4] on the development of new bio-based technical composites derived from long bamboo fibres. As an alternative to the polymer composites affected by the European REACH regulation, this innovation would ultimately reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft by making their structure lighter and reducing their fuel consumption. The first prototype components are scheduled to be produced in 2021.

LCA60T: a revolutionary aeronautics project

Expleo is participating in one of the most revolutionary aeronautics programmes currently in the industry, the FLYING WHALES LCA60T. This extraordinary airship is able to transport heavy loads to and from hard-to-access locations with little or no road infrastructure. The Expleo team is bringing its expertise to the design and the industrialisation of the project. Following a series of wind tunnel tests, the first airship components are scheduled for production in 2021.

ENSO (Expleo Nanosat for Solar irradiance Observation): measuring the effects of solar activity on Earth

Expleo is working in partnership with the University Space Centre of Montpellier on the development of a nanosatellite that will process data from the ionosphere, and measure solar activity and its impact on Earth. This R&D platform offers an opportunity to test the latest embedded technologies. The Expleo team is in charge of embedding the software that captures data from space and developing the communication instruments in the ground control station that will facilitate digital signal processing.

2,000 career opportunities in the Expleo talent incubator

The Paris Air Show is also an opportunity for Expleo to meet its future employees. This year, the Group is recruiting 2,000 people in France, and around 800 of them will be specialists in aerospace and defence. The Group is particularly keen to attract mechanical, materials, software development and systems engineers and technicians, as well as data scientists.

Potential applicants looking to explore career opportunities at Expleo will be warmly welcomed at Expleo’s exhibition chalet (B51) on Friday 21 June. All vacancies can also be found on the careers page.



[2] Aerotec, Athos Aéronautique, Silver Atena, Stirling Dynamics and Sud Aviation Services


[4] Arkema, Cobratex, Specific Polymers, Cirimat, Compositadour, Lisa Aeronautics and Mécano ID.