London, 28 May 2019. Expleo, the technology partner for innovative companies, has today announced its partnership with the Data Communications Company (DCC) who are delivering the groundbreaking Ofgem led Switching Programme, a new service that will allow customers to change energy suppliers faster and more reliably.

Expleo will support the DCC in the design, build and test phase of the programme, as its Core Systems Assurance partner. It will be working with service providers and contractors to ensure systems are functioning, changes are delivered according to timelines, and risks are identified and mitigated.

The Switching Programme is a major transformation of the energy market which will centralise the existing switching capability. It involves aggregating data from 20 existing service providers, each of whom will need to adapt their current solution. Ultimately, the programme will facilitate market competition, invigorate significant efficiency benefits for energy suppliers and, most importantly, encourage savings for consumers.

To manage the complexity of assuring the programme, Expleo will use their Quality intelligence Platform, part of their innovative AI and quality analytics offering. This will draw quality and performance data from the different service providers into a single dashboard giving a real-time and predictive view of progress, quality and velocity. Providing early sight of emerging risks, it will enable DCC and Ofgem to make faster and better-informed decisions, predict and respond to technical risks, and provide them with continuous confidence of the programme delivery.

Kevin Cunningham, UK Manging Director of Expleo said: “We are delighted to be awarded the Core Systems Assurance Contract for the Switching Programme. Our unique mix of technical assurance expertise and strategic, programme and change capability will mean the programme delivers the required quality, functionality and security to meet increasing customer expectations. Expleo is dedicated to helping DCC deliver reliable, next day switching for energy consumers.”

Richard Hilton, Programme Director of the Switching Programme for Data and Communications Company (DCC) said: “The Switching Programme has been a long time in the making and we’re extremely proud to be commencing the design, build and test phase with Expleo as our Core Systems Assurance Partner. This programme will improve how the energy market functions for consumers, providing faster more reliable switching. Expleo will support us in assuring the required improvements, which the programme is intended to deliver.”