Paris, 28 June 2018. Expleo has become a founding member of the Van Allen Foundation, a foundation that provides strategic and financial support for France’s first University Space Centre focusing on nanosatellite research (CSU-M, from the University of Montpellier). The partnership agreement was signed on the 27th June during the 2018 Toulouse Space Show and illustrates Expleo’s role as a driving force in Europe’s space technology research ecosystem.

The best-in-class expertise of Expleo’s space teams makes the Group a natural partner for the Van Allen Foundation, which is supporting the training of young space engineers through participation in nanosatellite development projects (from design to orbiting). This partnership will harness academic research and industrial expertise to train the future innovators of the space economy and take nanosatellite research to the next level. Joining the Van Allen Foundation is Expleo’s way of actively building the skills of upcoming generations of space engineers while deepening its’ expertise in nanosatellites as part of the Group’s open innovation initiative.

Expleo’s Chief Technology Officer Patrick Anglard explains, “this partnership encapsulates our contribution to space research – particularly within the innovation ecosystem developing nanosatellites. We’re also looking forward to working more closely with the future engineers trained at the University of Montpellier, who will be taking on the challenges of the new space economy.”

Van Allen Foundation’s President Michel Courtois adds, “this foundation connects researchers, students and industrial players in the space sector. So we’re very happy to have a leader in engineering services join this foundation – a leader that has embarked on an open innovation drive. As a founding member, Expleo will be bringing our other partners and students its’ knowledge of complex industrial processes, its’ expert command of cutting-edge technologies and its’ ability to develop pioneering solutions.”

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