London, UK – December 1, 2021 – Expleo, the technology partner for innovative companies, and Elexon, a key organisation at the heart of the wholesale electricity market, today announced that they will work in partnership on the Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme. The MHHS Programme is a key enabler to support the transition to Net Zero, contributing to a more cost-effective electricity system, encouraging more flexible use of energy and helping consumers to lower their bills.

The MHHS Programme is an industry first, in that the energy regulator Ofgem has placed responsibility on the industry to deliver an energy transformation programme. Elexon has been appointed by Ofgem as the Senior Responsible Owner/Implementation Manager of the MHHS Programme. Elexon took the decision to partner with an expert delivery company to ensure sufficient capacity and talent to run what is a highly complex, multi-party programme.Following a competitive procurement process, Elexon has appointed Expleo and its subsidiary management consulting company Moorhouse, as Lead Delivery Partner (LDP) for the MHHS Programme.

A team of Expleo experts will work in tandem with specialists from Moorhouse to deliver “top down” programme management, providing strategic counsel and technical support. Expleo will provide Central Programme Team, Programme Management Office, Programme Party Coordinator, and System Integrator functions.

Rachel Eyres, Business Unit Director for Energy & Utilities at Expleo said “Today’s announcement represents the beginning of an exciting and innovative new partnership with Elexon that will support Britain in its journey to Net Zero. We have hand-selected a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience, having previously worked on the energy industry’s Faster Switching and Smart Metering programmes. The team will leverage Expleo’s industry leading “X platform” toolset, which provides one platform for engaging with Programme participants and technology to enable a seamless delivery. We look forward to embarking on this partnership together with Elexon.”

Angela Love, MHHS Programme Executive Sponsor at Elexon said, “Chris Harden, MHHS Programme Director, and the MHHS Programme Team have spent the last five months mobilising the Programme, and in parallel, procuring the LDP. The MHHS team are excited at the opportunity of working with the industry and Expleo to deliver this hugely important programme to unlock the benefits of smart metering to improve electricity settlement and support the electricity industry’s Net Zero journey.

About Elexon

Elexon operates at the heart of the electricity system by managing the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC), one of 5 major codes which set out the rules so that Britain’s electricity system operates effectively. The BSC is a legal contract all electricity participants must enter into in order to participate in the electricity market.

Elexon compares how much electricity generators and suppliers say they will produce, or use, with actual volumes, work out a price for any differences and ensure that generators and suppliers pay (or are paid) for any difference. This is known as Settlement.
Our corporate purpose is ‘serving at the heart of the energy industry, building a path to net zero’.

Find out more about our work on our BSC website or the Elexon corporate website.

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