Paris, 10 January 2019. Expleo, the world-class partner in engineering, quality and digital solutions, and TIBCO Software, the global leader in data integration, data analysis and API Management, are combining their respective expertise to offer industrial companies integrated, bespoke analytical solutions designed to meet the specific needs of their industry sectors and operational requirements.

Data processing is now one of the main levers for improving industrial productivity, quality and performance. Nevertheless, it presents companies with two challenges. One is the need to manage information flows that are growing exponentially. The other is the need to make  relevant use of that information in order to achieve growth targets, in the context of the specific environment in which industrial companies operate in terms of technicality and safety.

In response to these needs, TIBCO Software and Expleo are collaborating to develop an integrated approach to data analysis. Their goal is to provide turnkey analytical solutions that automate the data exploration stage, thereby leaving end-users free to focus on data interpretation. These solutions are based on information management tools developed by TIBCO Software, which are some of the most advanced and powerful in the market. The industrial expertise of Expleo ensures that the implementation of these new tools will meet the specific business needs of clients, saving them time, and enabling them to manage their own data and create their own value from it.

David Renaud, Head of Data Sciences at Expleo: “Data Science is a very powerful accelerator of company performance, as long as it is based on a precise understanding of the company’s business processes and challenges, and on tools that facilitate the data gathering process so that analysis can be prioritised. This belief is the cornerstone of our partnership with TIBCO Software. We are working together to support the transition of industrial companies to AI [Artificial Intelligence] by giving them data processing autonomy. We are offering high-technology solutions backed by an analytical capability that is 100% tailored to their operational needs”.

Philippe Lavigne, Alliances Director at TIBCO Software: “Our advanced analytical offering, which supports real-time data discovery and visualisation, machine learning, data science and predictive and prescriptive analysis offered in combination with the twin expertise of Expleo in industrial environments and data science will provide vertical analytical solutions that are absolutely consistent with the needs of operational departments. Together, we are creating real added value in data exploitation and analysis for industrial users. We already cover many use cases, including analysing large volumes of flight test data, managing complex industrial projects and forecasting production workloads. Our shared goal is to continue developing new use cases to cover the needs of the future factory. As a result, our clients have the ability to make the right decisions within short lead times by focusing on reading and understanding their data”.

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