Helping telcos adapt to the changing technology landscape

The telecoms sector has changed significantly in this century, most notably with the global proliferation of smartphones and 5G technology. This has opened fresh opportunities for well-established brands to enter new markets – such as streaming customised media content or sharing in the growth of smart meters in the utilities sector. But the constant disruption from technology brings real threats to those who struggle to adapt.

Meeting consumers’ instant expectations

Whether in gaming, movies, sport, social media or business, customers expect their content to be available everywhere and on-demand. The arrival of the revolutionary 5G technology and the explosion in Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications have transformed the telecoms industry. The lines between the telco, media and technology companies have continued to blur – with competition intensifying as new players enter the battleground. Keeping pace with the technological challenges – in both the customer-facing experience and back-office administration – is central to business success, and survival.   

At Expleo, our close working relationships with a number of major telcos has given us a deep understanding of all their key drivers, and risk factors. We have helped them to maintain their competitive edge by developing and implementing unique price plans to secure and grow their customer base. Retaining customer confidence is a key driving factor for success in the sector, so it’s vital that clients can introduce new and changed price plans without impacting their customer base.
Increasingly, the ability for clients to add new content reliably and securely over various devices and operating systems, has become a major market differentiator. Likewise, we know that those organisations that can provide timely, accurate billing and usage information to their customers will gain their trust and retain their loyalty.

We talk to clients about their desire to improve market penetration, innovate new products, improve billing and continuity of service, and safeguard against the damaging impact of ‘fake news’. Our people’s experience and knowledge of their business context allows us to deliver quality and testing solutions that focus on their primary challenges and opportunities.