Making the UK smarter

Helping energy suppliers to reduce smart meter testing costs by up to 50%, improve operational effectiveness and time to market for changes in the smart metering landscape.

Combat change and accelerate your smart meter roll-out

Energy Suppliers are facing many challenges in today’s market, from the price cap exerting downward pressure on budgets, to increases in the number of market competitors and customer switching rates. Margins are further squeezed by regulatory programmes such as smart metering, where the volume and variety of smart metering device and firmware combinations is accelerating. When combined with regular releases from the Data Communications Company (DCC) and adaptor vendors, as well as issues inherited on change of supply, these variables can impact both the cost and the timescales associated with the assurance of new change.

The pressure to implement change quickly, and effectively, in your smart meter estate to benefit from new value-added services has never been higher. However, releasing change to the market without effective testing is not an option for suppliers wanting to avoid negative publicity associated with software and firmware bugs. Expleo’s Smart Services improves your ability to deal with accelerating levels of change in your smart metering estate by delivering a shared testing service to the energy market.

Rapid and automated smart meter testing

Expleo’s smart services offers a way to outsource the testing of change in your smart meters from; Adaptor to DCC, to device and firmware combinations and back. Expleo runs this smart service from our shared lab facility in the UK, with an expert smart testing team. The service enables you to benefit from economies of scale by avoiding duplication of cost and effort across the industry.

Based on more than 10 years of experience testing smart meters, Expleo has invested in automated test scripts – covering all your business processes – which are reliable, repeatable and low cost. As well as cost reduction and improved coverage of testing, this automation increases the speed of test execution, allowing you to reduce the end-to-end testing timescales for any change.

By outsourcing your smart meter assurance, you can maintain velocity in your smart rollout, helping you to hit the 2020 rollout targets faster and at lower cost, without compromising customer experience.

Expleo delivers 100% smart meter confidence with 50% less costs

Expleo’s Smart Services are delivered on a low-cost subscription basis, with a pay-per-use model for testing each device / firmware / DCC / Adapter / Comms Hub combination.

We commit to service levels for our testing setup, execution, reporting and decommissioning, and we also offer an online analytics portal, which gives a real time view of current test progress and historic data. This gives you full visibility of your progress and outlook, enabling you to confidently predict go-live dates for new combinations and deliver consistently to your customers.

Together let’s make the UK smarter.
Download Expleo’s Smart Services whitepaper here.