Aligning the shop front with
the back office

The retail and logistics (R&L) industry faces immense challenges in modernising its technologies and processes. Choosing the best way forward carries risks, which our people can help you to navigate successfully.

Meeting consumers’ digital expectations

The R&L industry today faces severe changes in buying behaviour, mobility and regulation. To maintain high levels of efficiency and keep pace with customer expectation, the pressure is mounting on established brands to embrace digital transformation and modernise legacy systems.

In addition, the long line of mergers and acquisitions within the retail and logistics sectors have created new and bigger brands. The shop window may appear united, but their back offices continue as before. Often, the technology, processes and culture remain unaligned – despite the opportunity this provides to increase productivity and efficiency.

Aligning the shop front with the backoffice

The new wave of technology such as the Internet of Things, robotics, blockchain and virtual reality are providing opportunities for those who can bring innovation to market quicker than their competitors. For the online-only retailers, who have gained a foothold by disrupting traditional business blueprints, there’s no time for reflection. The challenger in this fast-changing sector is soon the challenged.

What do you gain with an Expleo partnership?

At Expleo, our bold minds can help you take the right decisions and turn them into competitive advantage. We offer a wide variety of services that support clients in retail and logistics to get ahead with their digital transformation. Working within your teams, our people can help you to achieve business agility, through quality assurance and creative engineering. Our management consultants will also guide your strategic plans from vision to final implementation. 

Best-shoring and efficient industrialisation are central to the way we meet client needs. Through our workbench approach and our worldwide centres of quality and engineering excellence, Expleo can offer value for an unbeatable price. In addition, our Digital Labs team provides an invaluable source of knowledge, hands on support and practice coaching across multiple teams to achieve business agility in their competitive marketplace.

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