Mitigating risk for the public good

Expleo brings the deep technical expertise that our public sector clients need to manage risk in today’s technology-disrupted era.

Making tech the remedy

Governments and public bodies are under pressure to improve customer service and citizen experience, whilst saving on unnecessary expenditure. In today’s disrupted era, technology can intensify the headache – or help ease the pain.

Mitigating risk for the public good

Digitisation provides valuable opportunities for government organisations to cut back on highly labour-intensive processes, and offer a more accessible service to communities. However, as with all innovation, change doesn’t come without risk. Poor implementation may result in slow digital uptake, unsatisfactory user experience or a serious security breach – with the inevitable public opinion scrutiny that accompanies a ‘bad news story’.

We understand the need

Our global software-testing team brings a wealth of experience in the public sector. We recognise the risks that our public clients face; and we also know how to assure quality of services and continuously test processes to ensure decisions remain reliable and accountable.

We’ve helped health trusts, education providers, justice organisations, public finance administrations and other central government departments and local councils to deliver digital services that create significant value and ease of engagement.

In particular, we have a deep understanding of IT systems: why they fail, how to protect against security breaches, and how to train personnel for effective change. We help clients to embed quality into their processes and systems, enabling speedier delivery of digital services, in order to automate and improve the overall interactive experience for citizens.

What do you gain with an Expleo partnership?

Clients look to our teams for digital services testing strategy, including agile software delivery governance and coaching. We offer advisory and implementation of accelerated software delivery and testing platforms, as well as DevOps software delivery enablement and automated continuous quality solutions.

As part of our end-to-end support, we provide quality intelligence & analytics services through the use of cloud services; user experience testing, including, digital performance management, mobile testing, market testing and sentiment analysis for digital services; quality governance of third party digital services solutions delivery; and also user acceptance testing (UAT) management across new implementations, upgrades and migrations.