Co-piloting change for commercial shipping and the defence industry

Expleo is a leading engineering and quality assurance services provider supporting a number of partners in the naval industry. We offer end-to-end support on critical projects using our naval mechanical, electrical, embedded systems, and software capabilities.

Change brings challenges and opportunities

The naval industry is in the middle of one of the most profound transformations in its history. Across both the commercial and defence sectors, the entire business model is rapidly evolving. As the market becomes globalised, the expectations are becoming increasingly challenging in terms of production deadlines, cost control and quality. Technologies are disrupting operational approaches, demanding that the industries’ major players respond to the opportunities presented by automation, drones, artificial intelligence and data science.

Widespread use of digital-communication solutions is also boosting demand for cybersecurity and safety. For the commercial sector, the major challenges include environmental constraints, with pressure mounting to find solutions that will limit its impact on the planet. In the military sphere, navies are expecting greater performance from their fleet, with reduced forces and lower operational costs.

A trusted global partner working as part of your crew

At Expleo, we understand your specific challenges and support your business with making the most of the significant technological opportunities arising in the industry. Our people work with the major OEMs and suppliers in the sector, across civil, military and commercial platforms. We have a proven track record of providing our partners with end-to-end support across the product lifecycle. Our critical support includes ship design for production projects, engine tuning, electronics, embedded systems and test solutions. We operate by your side across the entire process – throughout the completion of trade studies, production, operation and maintenance in operational conditions. Expleo is also at the forefront of studying and researching key future developments, to help our partners improve their products’ performance and sustainability. For instance, our experts are supporting leading studies and research into the motor capabilities of rigid sails for sustainable shipping.

Co-piloting change for commercial shipping and the defence industry

What do you gain with an Expleo partnership?

A genuine end-to-end approach to engineering. We support naval industry leaders through every phase of their project. We are ready to support your objectives in terms of product performance, schedule delivery and cost-efficiency.

A local trusted partner with global reach to provide scalable and flexible solutions. As a key player in more than 25 countries, our global footprint includes competence centres around the world specialised in a broad range of technologies. And to ensure the highest level of service at the best cost, our global teams can leverage the capabilities of our best-shore centres in Romania and India.

Proven expertise in defence and operational know-how. A recognised player in defence for more than 20 years, we’re positioned to answer a broad array of naval military needs, including standards, clearances, specific accreditations, individual and industrial confidentiality, dedicated facilities and more.

An engineering approach built on cross-sector expertise and best practice. Our unique positioning enables industry leaders to benefit from proven multi-sector innovations, best practices and performance models. These cross-sector best practices tackle key performance, cost and delivery challenges.

We provide a comprehensive suite of naval capabilities for end-to-end support. These encompass engine tuning, RAMS, systems engineering, naval systems design & development, manufacturing & supply chain, commissioning and testing solutions, as well as project management.