Confidence to transform

You’ve always been there for your customers. Wherever life takes them, you’re there with the confidence and security they need to keep going. But now, they want and need more from their insurance. Better products, better features, a better future — more intuitive, more agile and more secure. Keep being there. We’ll help you meet them in a digital world with assured technology.

Embrace digital change

Digital transformation is your key to staying relevant to customers and one step ahead of the competition. Implemented effectively, the rewards are many, offering a positive impact to the top and bottom line and securing your position as a modern, digital insurer. But there are risks too, especially in terms of reputational damage arising from operational issues or security breaches.

Quality assurance is critical to identifying and mitigating business risk — in digital transformation and beyond. It’s central to everything we do as your transformation partner. Through tested and secure data governance, we put you in control of your data, giving you confidence in the quality of your data insights and your ability to lead the business through change. When it comes to making your service more customer-centric, we bring the assured technology you can trust to engineer better, faster, more intuitive products that are proven to delight your customers. It’s this strong focus on continuous quality that gives you the resilience you need to meet customer expectations, attract new audiences and stay compliant with fast-changing regulation in the long run.


Tap into your tech’s potential

New technologies are making waves in the ever-changing insurance landscape and now’s the time to maximise opportunities. As your consulting and quality partner, we bring the skills that help you leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver the insurance products and services your customers want, such as telematics and connected cars for automotive insurance, or IoT for home insurance.

But keeping pace with change and adapting quickly doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of technology stack. We’ll help you make the best use of viable legacy systems and tech, all with a view to deliver customised products to target markets and services to new and existing audiences.

Your partner in modernisation

At Expleo, we guide and implement best practices, but we let you lead the way forward. With a strong track record of helping leading global insurers successfully transform at speed, we’re ready to be your partner in achieving business agility. Our global network of certified consultants provides management consultancy, quality assurance, quality engineering and software testing in a global delivery approach to meet your business goals.

Our expertise covers a range of core and peripheral insurance activities, such as policy, claims and workflow management, as well as financial accounting and E-insurance. With best-shoring capabilities and offices in 30 countries worldwide, we are as local and global as you need us to be.

Get the confidence to shape the future of insurance with assured technology. Book a consultation today.