Run a digital thread through your
Product lifecycle

Across the industrial landscape, clients face similar challenges and opportunities from rapid digitalisation. We’re ready to help you navigate the disruption.

Time for bold action

Industrial manufacturing is an umbrella for a vast range of processes and sectors. Despite this diversity, our clients in this competitive space are asking similar questions:

  • How can we harness digital technology to increase productivity and reduce time to market?
  • How can we expand our offer from simply production to consumer-focused service provision?
  • How can we shift from engineering bespoke products to creating a catalogue of configurable equipment and systems?
  • How can we use fewer resources and leverage the circular economy to meet our environmental commitments to stakeholders?
  • Where do we find the talent and brainpower to ensure the digitisation of our organisation is fast, accurate, safe and secure?
  • How do we transform our business focus from physical to cyber-physical?
Run a digital thread through your product lifecycle

We work closely with clients to transform and run a digital thread of connectivity throughout their product life cycle. Our people are active from product design and development, to manufacturing, in-service support, overhaul and ultimately disposal. In a wide variety of sectors, including automotive and aerospace through to transportation, marine and naval, we bring the visibility, reliability and traceability our clients need to succeed

What do you gain with an Expleo partnership?

Our best-shoring offer gives you the flexibility, efficiency and cost-control/management you require for large-scale programmes. Talent shortage is perhaps the biggest obstacle to increased manufacturing productivity worldwide. Expleo has some of the brightest minds available, and an extensive partner network, ready to work closely with your teams.

The Industrial Internet of Things is full of possibilities, but any innovations must be reliable from an operational, security and safety perspective. When you invest in automation, robotic systems, hypervision, automated, autonomous handling systems and smart control, you need to know they’ll get the job done. Our in-service assurance and quality assurance services underpin complex, intelligent technologies, so that breakthrough solutions work first time, and all the time.

Digitalisation is necessary, but not without risk. Security is important to stop hacker attacks and protect details of your processes which could lead to the loss of service, data integrity and ultimately your business reputation. Our expertise around big data and analytics, as well as global regulatory implications, will protect your business during this period of rapid change.