Agility and engineering for better quality of care    

With populations, life expectancies and patient expectations all on the rise, the healthcare sector has rarely faced such a sustained period of uncertainty and change.  This is compounded by tighter budgets, media scrutiny and regulation. Technology offers huge opportunities to improve quality of care, drive cost efficiencies, integrate systems and provide better access and sharing of patient information.

Clarity and bold thinking amid the rising storm

Healthcare organisations face a number of pressing challenges. Their teams must embrace changing systems of reimbursement, protect patient information and adapt to advancements in technology, whilst improving quality in patient care and scaling the mountains of patient data. Digital transformation also brings major challenges to organisations weighed down by legacy systems, data overload and operational stress.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Competition is rising in a global marketplace. Manufacturers are under pressure to keep advancing their technologies, whether imaging equipment, implants or textiles. Likewise, pharmaceuticals must keep changing and improving their customer service, both through innovation and cost reduction.

Lean principals, innovative thinking and a quality mindset

At Expleo, we believe the right direction relies on an agile mindset, making strategic investments in business and systems improvement, and a sharp focus on quality. Our healthcare specialists are ready to help your organisation consider and achieve the following:

Business agility – We’ll help the business become more agile to enable innovation and better prepare and respond to change and continually increasing demands in the industry.

Product development – We will accompany you in the development of your medical products with innovative and quality assured solutions. These range from signal processing, software, hardware, mechanical and mechatronics design, test bench and virtual reality environments.

Engineering & Manufacturing & Supply-chain  – We will accompany you in the success of your projects : Engineering and industrialisation of your process, definition and optimization of your supply-chain, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), SAT (Site Acceptance Test), supplier quality and PMO. We also help with the digitalisation of solutions, including support for data science and the factory of the future.

Improvement focus – We’ll help you to work alongside insurance companies, healthcare providers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM). This close connection is important as these organisations continue to mature, innovate and improve in the way they run their business and provide patient services within the framework of strategy, management, and execution.

Continuous quality – We’ll help the business define their end-to-end quality strategy and improve their overall process and systems quality. Our clients can mature their quality and testing capabilities by thinking differently, leveraging automation and significantly reducing cost.

Trusted partner with stand-out capabilities

Expleo offers deep, practical experience in delivering lean process in healthcare. In particular, we have a proud track record of leading large Electronic Medical Record (EMR) initiatives, auditing clients’ project management offices (PMO), development and industrialisation of Medical Devices and automating testing in complex, legacy technology environments.

Clients rely on our valuable expertise around the consolidation of providers, large-scale integration challenges, innovation within a reasonable cost and the efficient use of limited resources. For healthcare providers who feel overwhelmed by data or entangled in a spiderweb of endless technologies, Expleo can set you free.