Online gaming and gambling: speed and accuracy come from quality

Just like the gamers themselves, the commercial players in the online gaming industry must prevail in a high-stakes battle, where victory relies on courage, rapid reflexes and accuracy under pressure. This global marketplace has grown to rival more traditional media such as television and movies, in response to consumer appetite for immediate and ubiquitous entertainment. However, rising expectations, competition and legislation are taking risk and reward to the next level.

Pre-emptive measures bring business success

With extensive experience in this maturing market, we support clients in the development of new, engaging and high-quality games on a rapid release schedule. Through a managed software quality assurance testing programme and quality best-practice, we help to shift the focus from defect detection to prevention, ensuring the next big game is ready for concurrent release across multiple platforms.

Reliable methodology and reputation

For more than a decade, we have helped game developers, operators, platform providers and gambling jurisdictions on their digital transformation journey through quality assurance and software testing services. In that time, we’ve tested thousands of games and have a well-defined and proven game testing methodology.

Our quality management services enable clients to create a development process that’s centred around quality assurance software best practice. At the same time, our business consultancy services helps your business to embrace agile software development, so your people and processes are ready to adapt to market demands, such as omni-channel.