Quality assurance: lighting a path through market disruption

Adapting to challenges from all angles

The energy industry is in a state of perpetual change, because of the decarbonisation of energy, heat and transport.  In addition, new market entrants and technology transformation demand constant vigilance and agility, all whilst maintaining customer service and quality at ever decreasing cost.

This is creating a perfect storm of complexity for market participants, regulators and central market bodies. Yet, within this disruption, there are clear opportunities for organisations that can adapt quickly and accurately, whilst minimising the risk of IT and process failure.

Focus and clarity for the journey ahead

Expleo consultants bring extensive knowledge of local energy markets around the world, as well as ensuring that quality is embedded in your organisation, allowing you to deliver change quickly, safely and at minimum cost.

We work with our clients to implement programmes across the energy supply chain, from power generation at the plant, through smart grid energy transportation, to smart digital solutions for your customers.  Expleo is dedicated to help you to not only move faster, but also to increase the flow of value and pace of change.

Our packaged service offerings for utilities, such as managed retail software quality assurance, smart meter testing services and industry change impact assessment services, mean that you can industrialise your response to industry and market change, and be sure that you are focusing on the areas of highest business risk.