Keeping pace with technological change in space and defence

Expleo provides engineering and quality assurance support to the space and defence industries, where speed and security are critical to success.

Valuable insight for emerging trends

In the space and defence industries, companies must react quickly to the changing landscape and global trends.

The commercialisation of space has expanded the market for companies that can harness new technologies for satellites, launchers and ground stations. In defence, the fast-evolving geopolitical context combined with the rise of new technologies, demands vigilance and proactive defence on a daily basis.

In both of these industries, Expleo offers leading engineering and quality assurance that is designed to bring the agile support and extensive insight that our clients need.

Keeping pace with technological change in space and defence

Your trusted partner for commercial expansion into space

Today’s space race is focused on delivering innovations that advance the performance and capabilities of critical equipment. This has led to a drive by the industry’s leading players to identify technologies and product enhancements that will offer a competitive edge. Expleo is working with our clients to make these improvements a reality – whether it be 3D printing to reduce manufacturing costs or nanotechnology to aid reconfiguring systems and reuse equipment.

Expleo is proud to play an important role in this advancing sector. We support our clients in their drive to implement these innovative solutions and also offer critical engineering support services that cover mechanical and embedded systems and software, ground support tooling, quality support, integration and testing, test benches, electrical systems and thermal analysis.

Support for national defence portfolios

The technological threats to national security – such as terrorism, espionage and the cyber hacking of democratic processes – are a growing concern for governments. But the response is rising to this challenge, with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, autonomous systems, connected objects and big data offering innovation opportunities for sector decision makers. Our people are on the frontline in this high-stakes contest.

Clients look to Expleo for guidance and expertise across new technologies, materials and processes that can deliver product improvements. For example, how can composites or thermoplastics be used to reduce aircraft weight? How can trends such as robotics, AI and big data improve manufacturing processes by making production cheaper and quicker to complete?

What do you gain with an Expleo Partnership?

Expleo stands shoulder to shoulder with our defence partners across their product portfolio. Our experience covers aircraft, helicopters, naval support, digital systems and cybersecurity. In aerospace and naval programmes, we have the capability and capacity to support our clients from R&D right through to aftermarket. This support is multidisciplinary, across the structural, mechanical, electrical and system dimensions.

Expleo’s extensive global presence ensures that we can provide space and defence clients with local support, using facilities and engineers familiar with the unique challenges and requirements this work demands.