Driving our partners to their full potential

We help our clients in the automotive industry across the whole lifecycle, with creative engineering and quality assurance to ensure continuous improvement in performance and safety.

Tech in the fast lane

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid transformation, as blue-chip brands and new players respond to the changing expectations of drivers and society. The digital revolution has opened the door to more connected, agile and efficient production tools, giving way to Industry 4.0. Manufacturers are competing to develop the next big breakthroughs in ADAS, autonomous vehicles and connected cars.

Meanwhile, drivers are using vehicles in new ways, from evolving infotainment systems to ride-sharing apps. And they’re increasingly eco-conscious, looking for electric and hybrid vehicles. Through all these innovations, new risks emerge, requiring state-of-the-art cyber security and safety solutions.

We address the whole vehicle

As part of our end-to-end offering, we provide industry-leading expertise across the 10 core systems and solutions below. Read more on each:

What do you gain with an Expleo partnership?

Our teams integrate seamlessly with your people and work methods, and we offer you the organisational approach that best suits your needs. From on-demand technical assistance and tailor-made work packages to service centres and turn-key projects, we support you throughout the project with no disruption to your existing processes.

We’re close to you geographically too, providing best-shoring capabilities to ensure the right blend of flexibility, expertise, capacity and cost. Our global footprint includes best-shore excellence centres around the world that specialise in automotive technology. In particular, our Western European teams integrate with our leading-edge design offices in Romania and India, where our skilled technicians are developing the next big breakthroughs in ADAS, autonomous vehicles and connected cars.

The race is on to build tomorrow’s mobility, whilst ensuring the uncompromised safety of products, people and our planet. Industry leaders therefore need strong partners to help them make the most of today’s technological opportunities. Expleo is ready to help.