L’IA au service de la transformation automobile

Ne nous trompons pas : nous sommes au début, seulement, de l’exploration des pleines potentialités de l’IA dans l’industrie. Data science, Machine Learning, réseaux de neurones artificiels, Text Mining, ces technologies, déjà en partie matures dans le monde du web, du marketing ou encore de la finance, ont beaucoup à apporter en particulier à l’automobile. … Continued

Are robots the answer to your project woes?

There’s no question: businesses are operating in a highly challenging global environment. Sectors are changing rapidly due to technological developments and digital disruptors, and all the while political and economic uncertainty remains high. Faced with fierce competition, clients are becoming more demanding, both in terms of what they want and when they want it. Of … Continued

Is blockchain the answer to avoiding VISA-sized woes?

In recent times data breaches were considered the biggest worries for financial institutions, however a new reputational risk issue is now on the rise – disruption of payment systems, with even global companies struggling to cope with the after effects of such outages. In particular, two recent card payment incidents hit the headlines for all … Continued