Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Expleo Solutions is about how we manage our impact on society and the environment. The activities under the Corporate Social Responsibility are as follows:

Expleo Solutions works with the following Non-Governmental Organizations to ensure that its contributions are effectively utilized:

Vidya Sagar

Vidya Sagar The Spastics Society of India was born in March 1985 in a garage in Chennai. It was started by Mrs. Poonam Natarajan, the mother of a child with profound disability, since there were no services available for this group. It was renamed ‘Vidya Sagar’ in 1998. Today Vidya Sagar is housed in a building that is designed in a manner that is totally barrier-free, and accessible to persons with disabilities, on land leased by the Government of Tamil Nadu and with community support. Mrs. Natarajan who had equipped herself with training in special education started the services with three students and three staff members. The parent-training program under Home Management, was their first project in 1985. Its objectives are to work on strategies that will empower parents of children with neurological impairments to include their children within their homes and support their inclusion in the community. Vidya Sagar today runs several programs reaching out to over 3800 individuals with disabilities. This has been possible by setting up high quality delivery of services, focusing on early intervention, special education, physiotherapy, speech and communication therapy, vision training, occupational therapy, co-curricular activities, counselling, vocational training, exploring and creating employment opportunities and training of resource persons to work in the field of disability. Vidya Sagar is a rights based organization, with emphasis on creating awareness in the community on issues related to disability and advocating rights for persons with disabilities.

World Vision India

World Vision IndiaWorld Vision India is a Christian humanitarian organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender. Spread across 174 districts in India, World Vision works through long-term sustainable community development programs and immediate disaster relief assistance. Focus on Children: All development work World Vision India carries out is focused on building the capacity and ability of communities and families to ensure the wellbeing of children. The wellbeing of children includes ensuring children have access to education, health, protection and participation. Grass root Based: World Vision India is an operational organization involved in relief and development that is community-based. World Vision India's staff live with communities at grassroots level, learning from them and working alongside them while pursuing the goal of promoting the wellbeing of all children. Partnering for Change: World Vision partners with communities, children, Government, civil society, corporations, academia, and faith based organizations to build a nation fit for children.

Agastya International Foundation

Agastya International FoundationSparking Curiosity and Nurturing Creativity In Rural India. Agastya is a cause - not just an organization. Its mission is "to spark curiosity, nurture creativity, and instill confidence" in economically disadvantaged children and government schoolteachers by bringing innovative, hands-on science education and peer-to-peer learning to government schools and villages across India. Agastya runs one of the largest hands-on science education programs for children and teachers in the world! Many of the poor children in India begin with their future already laid out for them. They are destined to follow the well-worn paths of their parents and grandparents. But Agastya shows these children a wider world, exposing them to some of the benefits of an education. Whether on the main campus, or through a visit from a mobile lab instructor, children see Agastya as a place for discovery, where they learn to really see the world around them, to observe and draw conclusions about the connections between nature and themselves. Their minds and imaginations are stimulated through direct, hands-on engagement. Agastya allows them to wonder about the world, and freely ask, “How?” and “Why?”

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