There is a distinction to be made between a job and a career. A job is something you just do. But a career? That’s more of a journey. Sure, it incorporates a job. Yet it is also about developing as a person and working towards a purpose.

Now more than ever it is important that you don’t just find a role but you find the right one. If you’re building a career and looking to make the next move, make the jump you deserve that aligns with your personal goals. The Covid-19 pandemic has put into perspective what matters for many of us when looking to make the next step.  

So why should Expleo be the next step for you?

  • Build your skills: The development of every colleague is central to our culture. Career progression isn’t measured in a six-monthly review meeting. Every employee has a dedicated Manager and access to extensive training programmes and opportunities.We also know a career isn’t always a straight line either. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in upskilling and reskilling our employees to equip them for jobs of the future.
  • Personal growth: Helping build your skills and earn certifications is only part of the equation. You determine your future at Expleo. We provide you with a dedicated manager, tools and varied projects to work on that will enable you to grow and build ‘soft skills’ like entrepreneurship and leadership that will help take your career to the next level.
  • A global experience: With 13,000+ employees across 30 countries, we’re proud to call ourselves a truly global company. At Expleo, you will have the opportunity to work with clients and colleagues from every corner of the globe, exposing you to different cultures, ways of working and professional experiences.
  • Make a difference: We work across almost every industry you can imagine on projects that are shaping the world. With the world facing unprecedented technological, environmental and societal change, Expleo will give you the opportunity to contribute in a way that makes a difference. For instance, the team working on the Iter fusion reactor, building a clean energy future for the world.  Or our employees working on hydrogen projects across land, air and sea. Few companies will give you the depth and breadth of opportunity to do meaningful work.

As Expleo’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition, I’ve seen more than my fair share of candidates. What I’ve learned is that perfect on paper doesn’t always mean right for the job. Self-starters who want to challenge themselves and others around them are the ones who succeed at Expleo. It’s not about clocking in just to clock out. But if you are passionate about what you do, keen to learn, and look for ways to challenge yourself and those around you? Then Expleo could be the right fit for you.

If this sounds like you and you’re looking for a career, not just another job, take a look at the opportunities we have around the world on our careers page.