Shivani, Head of Business Analysis UK, describes her journey through the company with specific reference to one of her projects with a leading bank. She also adds how adding value to her clients is central to her work.


Anthony describes his journey at Expleo and how he has been exposed to many different industries and roles during his time at the company. His experience, has allowed him to utilise his industry knowledge to solve problems in different industries.


Ingrid describes how, with Expleo’ s support, she made a bold move from her native country of South Africa to Norway. She explains the challenges she and her family had to face and how they embraced their new lifestyle.


Clíodhna is a quality assurance engineer for Expleo Ireland. She recalls her inspiring rehabilitation experience following health issues. She is a wonderful testament to our core values as she returned to Expleo after a two-year absence.


Colette is an Environment Solutions Leader for Expleo France, she helps our clients to reduce their environmental impact. The 2019 ‘Woman of the Year for Sustainable Development’ explains the importance of welcoming more women into engineering.


Daljit has been with Expleo for 12 years and since then has developed his career to an Engagement manager role. He has grown within the company to the point where he is now responsible for multiple clients within our Enterprise Markets sector.


After graduating from the University of Sussex, Dapo joined the Engineering Graduate Scheme at Expleo in September 2018. He has been heavily involved in the Automotive industry, focusing on the release of new vehicles into the market.


James joined the Expleo graduate programme in Dublin, Ireland in 2018. Since then it has been all go. The friendships made on this journey have developed his network and encouraged collaboration on his client projects.


Darren had always been interested in IT and had a passion for working in that area but without the relevant qualifications, that path appeared blocked. Expleo saw the potential in him, and nurtured his talents and enthusiasm. Now, he is technical lead for RPA with a fast-growing career.


After 15 years with a Tier 1, Irantzu, Iberia CEO, joined Expleo to lead our automotive turnkey programme, delivering services for automotive clients.